Fast Accurate Reliable

At PMC, character, integrity, knowledge, professionalism, and customer focus is what drives our business. We have passed this on to the Courier Division who will carry the torch of customer satisfaction to your company with determination and pride.

Mobile Notary

PMC has an on staff notary public available to our customers; we can travel to your location and execute the documents you require. Our professional staff takes great pride in offering this service at your office, your client's office or anywhere you require notary services.

Warehousing Services

We have space available to store items that you need to save but do not have space in your busy office. We currently are storing documents, furniture, medical supplies, and pallets of inventory for our current customers. Our secure inventory tracking protocol ensures that your valuables will be safeguarded at all times.

Medical Courier

PMC Courier offers medical specimen deliveries for doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities. We also transport and deliver large medical equipment such as surgical machines and imaging hardware; sterilized tools, shared equipment between facilities, supplies, and more.

Delivery Services

We offer professional, full service courier operations using a state of the art information technology management system including an online customer portal for web ordering and tracking, barcode scanning, real-time package and driver tracking, digital signature capabilities.


Dispatchers are in constant contact with drivers at all times via smartphone, push to talk, GPS tracking, and system communication tools. Every dispatcher knows where every driver is at all times, every driver movement is recorded, and that information is stored for current and future reference.

OSHA Compliant & HIPAA Trained

PMC couriers are thoroughly trained, certified, and refreshed frequently on HIPPA and OSHA compliance. Our Field Officers, Supervisors, and company executives spot check our drivers at pickups and delivery points to ensure that all drivers are compliant with all policies..

PMC Courier is SBA 8(a) and SDB certified as well as a Minority-owned, Disadvantaged, and Small Business Enterprise (DBE/MBE/SWaM Vendor). PMC Courier is licensed and DBE/MBE/SBE certified in the States of Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, California, West Virginia, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia.

PMC is also MWAA LDBE certified, and WMATA SBLPP certified.