Who We Are

PMC Courier is a division of Project Management and Consulting

We are a Virginia-based firm operating nationally. PMC Courier is SBA 8(a) and SDB certified as well as a Minority-owned, Disadvantaged, and Small Business Enterprise (DBE/MBE/SWaM Vendor).

PMC Courier is licensed and DBE/MBE/SBE certified in the States of Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, California, West Virginia, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. PMC is also MWAA LDBE certified, and WMATA SBLPP certified.

At PMC, character, integrity, knowledge, professionalism, and customer focus is what drives our business. We have passed this on to the Courier Division who will carry the torch of customer satisfaction to your company with determination and pride.


PMC Courier Training

Training is defined as the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.

We believe strongly in “practice makes perfect” and “use it or lose it”, which is why we provide extensive, repetitive training to our staff as well as cross training drivers, dispatchers, and management. Our company standards far exceed industry standards, and we ensure that they are met 100%.

Professionalism, customer service and satisfaction, and company values are not optional. They are guaranteed, and training is a staple in ensuring that all employees know what to do, how to do it, and our expectations in achieving our goals. Cross training helps dispatchers know what drivers go through in the field. It also lets drivers know what dispatchers deal with in the dispatch center. We do not believe in single points of failure therefore we do no create those situations in our business model.

Chain of Custody

Chain of custody is the chronological documentation or paper trail, showing the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical or electronic evidence.

This is essential and mandatory for all medical deliveries, and PMC Courier utilizes manual and electronic manifest procedures to capture pickup, destination, temperature, and other pertinent information regarding the package/delivery. Our proprietary methods always ensure that accurate, relevant, necessary, and critical information is obtained.

Mission Statement:

To be the most reliable, accurate, timely, and efficient global Logistics, Distribution, and Supply Chain Solutions industry leader.

Vision Statement:

To strive to become the global leader in delivery solutions.


PMC Courier is always looking for Courier/Drivers with 5 years of driving experience, a good driving record, can pass a drug screen and background check, and has reliable transportation. Experience is preferred, but not required. Interested parties can send a resume and inquires to: careers@pmcdelivers.com