Our Technology

PMC Courier Technology

Dispatchers are in constant contact with drivers at all times via smartphone, push to talk, GPS tracking, and system communication tools. Every dispatcher knows where every driver is at all times, every driver movement is recorded, and that information is stored for current and future reference. Our system is capable of generating reports that delineates a variety of information to enable clients to manage information in a way that works best for them.

Our customer portal is available 24/7 with the exception of Sundays. It offers a plethora of information about the order, driver, package, driver-obtained information, and delivery status. System capabilities include barcode scanning, and other proprietary monitoring features that are a definite differentiator from our competition. Call or email sales to set up an appointment to find out more.

PMC Courier Information Technology Platforms

Shhhh… PMC Courier is in the process of developing a premier courier management system that will change the way the industry does business, a game changer for sure. Tracking a driver or a package is a basic, expected feature of a courier system. While we cannot go into the details of our proprietary system, it is being designed to create customer satisfaction guarantees no other company can make. The difference is that our dispatchers are free of most “technical” tasks and decision making to focus on customer service, drivers, vehicles, and packages.


We know where all of our drivers are at all times.


We know where your packages are at all times.


You will know where your package and your driver is

More importantly

the system knows all things at all times and intelligently

Barcode and other scanning technology
Barcode and other types of code reading capabilities are available now, and being expanded and built into our proprietary system. Thinking outside the box to develop solutions to problems you don’t even know you have been the innovative approach we take to customer satisfaction.

Mobile Technology
In the technology age, it only makes sense to equip our staff with the tools they require to perform at their best. Our staff carries smartphones, tablets, and other devices that enhance their abilities to be aware, know exactly what they need to know when they need to know it and to be proactive rather than reactive. With real-time access to dispatch and equipment information, there are no excuses for less than 100% customer satisfaction and top performance.