Service Levels

Fast and reliable delivery service that meets your timeline and budget.


~ Five (5) Hour Window


~ Three (3) Hour Window


~ Two (2) Hour Window

Super STAT

~ One (1) Hour Window / Direct Service


Other fees apply depending on time of day, inclement weather, quantity, size, holiday, weekend, vehicle type, and fuel cost/surcharge. Prices are subject to change with notice.

Scheduled Routes
Customers with regular pickup times can receive an assigned driver(s) with full understanding of the route, times, packages, customer protocols, and specific customer needs.
Long Distance
PMC Courier has no boundaries, and will deliver your package anywhere in the continental United States. Call or email for rates and specifics.
Line Hauls
PMC Courier has the capability to move specimens over long distances utilizing the line haul method. All specimens will arrive to their destination in the appropriate condition and on time. Our dispatch center monitors every step of the line haul to ensure timely and accurate delivery of all specimens. Call or email for rates and specifics.
Trucking Services & Freight
Full truck loads requiring a tractor trailer with professional, credentialed CDL driver; and Less Than A Truck Load requiring a box truck from 10' to 26', curb to curb or white glove delivery.

Medical Deliveries

PMC Courier offers medical specimen deliveries for doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities. We also transport and deliver large medical equipment such as surgical machines and imaging hardware; sterilized tools, shared equipment between facilities, supplies, and more. Our current clients include routes for some of the largest labs in the country, and anchor hospitals in the Fredericksburg area. Some companies consider themselves the standard, but have been doing the same things for a long time. PMC Courier will raise the bar of expectations not previously known. Our differentiators set us apart from any other service, our proprietary dispatch system offers guarantees others cannot; and we will save you time, money, and worry.

We provide emergency and RUSH or STAT service for laboratories and hospitals including government medical facilities, in and out of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The training our drivers receive is specific to medical and laboratory protocols including HIPPA, blood borne pathogens, and VDOT standards to name a few. Our drivers are trained quarterly, as needed, and certified annually in OSHA, and other required regulatory and compliance material. Chain of custody records are meticulously kept manually and electronically with disaster recovery measures in place to ensure that they are never lost. We specialize in specimens, all types of blood samples, medical supplies, transplantable organs and tissue. You can trust PMC Courier with your most critical and sensitive deliveries.

Mobile and Electronic Notary Services

PMC Courier offers mobile and electronic Notary services. Mobile notaries will come to where you are to notarize documents, and deliver them if desired. Electronic Notary service can be done via secure two-way video communication from afar, and is just as legal and sufficient as being notarized in person. This feature can save time, money, and hassle!